Dec. 2019

Salinas experienced an unprecedented 89% drop in the city's homicide rates, due in great part to community organizing and mobilizing.


MILPA advocates to  remove drug-sniffing dogs from school campuses in the cities of Watsonville and Seaside.


MILPA advocates to local Salinas school districts to discontinue the contracts with School Resource Officers on campus.


MILPA advocates for sanctuary status in Salinas and Monterey County to become a welcoming city/county.


MILPA staff volunteer their skills and time to pass Prop 47 and advocate for the savings go to the local community.


Homicide rates fell at about 20-30% this year, in part due to the great work MILPA has done in Salinas.


Police Violence, Incarceration and Prison 4 Latino men shot and killed in Salinas, CA National Academy of Sciences Article comes out exposing the growth in the rate of incarceration Prison population is drawn mainly from the most disenfranchised communities, and are mainly boys & men of color, under 40 years old, usually poor and limited


MILPA advocates to get new Monterey County juvenile hall construction to limit construction of beds from 180 to 120.


100,000 people are certified as community police professionals  

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